Before making a reservation

① Please refrain from visiting in casual attire, such as shorts and sandals.

② If you have any food dislikes or alergies, please mention them in the comment section. Check with your party and inform us in advance. We may not be able to accommodate requests made after arrival. If you have a wide range of food dislikes, we may contact you.

③ Guests wishing for a whole cake (2,500 yen) should reserve at least three days before their visit.

④ We kindly ask that children under the age of 10 refrain from dining.

⑤ A separate service charge of 10% is applied during dinner time.

⑥ As strong perfume scents can interfere with the aromas of the food and wine, we request that you limit the use of perfume.

⑦ Please be aware that if we cannot contact you 30 minutes past your reservation time, we may not be able to seat you upon arrival.